PSA; No one here is an expert.

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PSA; No one here is an expert.

Since everyone here seems to like to spread misinformation and shit talk the new folks about their trade/investment decisions, I figure it would be practical to have a counter post.

I have even seen posts warning noobs with completely WRONG information, or strongly biased/opinionated seemingly fueled by hatred for a coin they missed out on or lost their ass on in the previous cycle. Don’t get your facts here please. If you are throwing money around, take the time to know what you’re buying and understand the risk of losing your entire investment.

The best advice I think you can get….?

DYOR(Do Your Own Research), DCA(Dollar Cost Average), BTFD(Buy The F'n Dip), HODL(Hold On for Dear Life) & Don’t give in to the FUD (Fear Uncertainty Doubt)

The most successful people in crypto are the ones mentally stable enough to hold for years on end.

Everyone here talks like an expert but 99.9% of them haven’t the slightest idea and are parroting something around they heard from their favorite YouTube.

Good luck folks.

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