Proposal: option to self-exclude a post from gaining MOONS

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Proposal: option to self-exclude a post from gaining MOONS

This is simple and self-explanatory. Everyone should be able to choose before posting whether their post is included or excluded from the moons distribution.

As suggested by u/jwinterm in the preliminary discussion, this is something that could be done just by tagging threads with a specific flair, and then admins could not count karma from posts with that flair.

Sometimes you just want to focus the community on something and don't want to be accused of moon farming. Sometimes you just want to say thanks or post with a light heart, without the drama of moons dynamics, or just don't care about gaining from the message you're leaving. In general, as the main principle, one should always be able to decide whether or not to receive something: it's true that you can choose to not create a vault and receive moons but you should receive them where you want and, at the same time, decide to selectively exclude the distribution mechanism in some of your content.

Perhaps, this won't be an option that many will tick, but it could be interesting to have it and could help to create some spaces where discussion flows tranquil. In this sense, a second step could be that of applying the same optionality to comments.

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