I am now into crypto so what now?

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I am now into crypto so what now?

Foremost I would like to thank u/that_one_indian_dude and u/apedmonke for tipping me some Banano. I also got 10 BAN from a faucet so I now have a total of 10.84 BAN.

I am from a third-world country so by the time I am writing this, 10.84 BAN = 23.00 Philippine Pesos (0.47 USD). With my BANANO, I can now buy (at least here where I live) a half kilogram of BANANA

that is approximately 4 – 5 pieces of freakin' BANANAS. So yeah, I can now survive for a day with my newly acquired BANANO by eating a real BANANA every five (5) hours.

That's it. Thank you for listening to my BANANAtalk.

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