Whales make the dip, not the news

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Whales make the dip, not the news

Try not to panic when you see dips, try to understand the bigger picture.

Most dips, they are caused by a whale sending BTC to an exchange, using an algorithm to drive price down and then buying back for a huge profit. Most people just see the news, and see the price go down and assume the market is crashing so they sell too. This causes a snowball effect. If the whales are lucky enough then they can cause a chain trigger with long liquidations and cause a huge crash like we saw on April 17th.


Try to match dates like the Capital gains tax speculation and exchange inflow. It happens like clockwork. Normal people don't own thousands of BTC to do this, it is a coordinated weak hand attack by large players. Probably a big reason why the SEC chairman wants to regulate exchanges in the first place.

I actually think they might be extending the length of the bull cycle by doing this stuff so it's not all bad. When we stop seeing corrections, that's when the bull runs have ended in the past.

In the bigger picture, banks are adopting crypto, payment services are adding crypto, etf's are adding crypto, countries are making their own stable coins, and blockchain is being used to improve services behind the scenes. Keep your eye on where the world is heading, not the price action on the charts. That is the reality.

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