/r/cryptocurrency is growing crazy fast. We are on track to out-grow /r/bitcoin. These are must-knows for the new people!

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/r/cryptocurrency is growing crazy fast. We are on track to out-grow /r/bitcoin. These are must-knows for the new people!

We've become the fastest growing subreddit daily, weekly, and monthly. Please see the imgur chart below.


  1. Write down your recovery phrase / private keys on a sheet of paper and don't give them to ANYONE else. Unless maybe you are dying and want to give your funds to a family member or a friend.
  2. Treat bitcoin like nothing will surpass it because nothing has yet and nothing indicates that it will be surpassed by anything else. If enough capital entered the market to double Eth's price tomorrow, bitcoin would still be number one by market cap.
  3. Ignore your DMs in this sub. If someone is DM'ing you to join an exchange it is likely a scam.
  4. Ignore the copy/pasta'd "🚀🚀🚀My New Coin $MNC is going to the moon easy 100x from here!🚀🚀🚀" threads.
  5. The only reasonable "trend" to expect from the market is that if you buy bitcoin today, then holding bitcoin for four years could yield you profit.
  6. If you were drawn in by prices, stay for the technology. I think the best case for crypto right now is international remittances.
  7. History doesn't repeat itself but the charts do rhyme… After 2017 I would say 80% of the regulars in this sub disappeared and might have only come back after this recent bull run began. I stuck around because I didn't see a better way to save money than buying BTC and holding long term.
  8. With point 7 in mind, go back to the December 2017 charts. Ask yourself "How many of these cryptocurrencies have surpassed their 2017/2018 all time highs now? Of those coins, what actually changed? What has actually improved? What makes them worth buying and holding?"
  9. With point 8 in mind I've seen at least 4 opportunities where I could have bought particular cryptos and doubled my money within a short time frame (I'm talking about before the recent doge and ETC pumps). The reason why I didn't was because of the ethical issue I have with "dumping on noobs." Stop and think about that for a minute.
  10. If you've been here a while BE NICE TO THE NEW PEOPLE.

That is all.

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