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Mine Ethereum and automatically convert to Ravencoin – unMineable

I believe that a large part of this subreddit like me is mining Ravencoin, however it is easier to accumulate in the long run by selling ETH -> RVN.

I was looking for some pool that would do this automatically, since my payout usually takes more than a week, which makes me miss the dips. Then I came across unMineable, a pool that allows you to mine Ethereum and automatically convert it to Ravencoin (and other available currencies).

Currently the difference is 30% more RVN compared to direct mining. The website link is https://unmineable.com/coins/RVN. You can check your profitability on the site's calculator, but in my experience it is not very reliable as I usually earn more than indicated there.

The mining fee for unMineable is 1%, the same as other pools, but you can reduce it to 0.75% using a referral code. My code is axcj-3xi5, I would be grateful if you could use it.

Obs: MiningPoolHub has the same functionality, but at least for me, unMineable pays more.

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