Have i got this right?

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Have i got this right?

I'm a newbie here. I hold XRP and Polkadot to the tune of around £20k and mine ETH at about £1k/month. I joined this sub as I think this is where the Eth miners will head after POW finishes there.

Firstly i thought this sub might like to hear that from someone who didn't know what Raven was a week ago. It's the easiest to find most widely suggested alternative.

secondly i want to check my understanding here. Raven coin provide value by asserting ownership over assets. you burn Raven in order to take ownership of an asset. you then have a blockchain backed "stamp" on your assets.

does that sound right? To be honest other crypto's have a much clearer easier to understand mission statements. I think this may be a big barrier to entry for Raven but I cant do anything about that.

When the mining switches I do think the price of Raven will jump for no other reason than increased recognition and liquidity.

looking forward to chatting with some of you over time. Sorry if the above is completely off the mark, trying my best to do my research first and not just be a herp derp what will the price be in 3 years post 😀

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