Please help me send this Eth to CB…

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Please help me send this Eth to CB…

I was dumb, a few months ago I tried joining an ICO that accepted USDC, so I went in totally blind and sent some USDC from CB to metamask. After burning $20 in fees to see the gas prices for the swap, I gave up.

Well then I tried sending the USDC back, but didn't have enough ETH in gas fees. I played with the settings, because when there's sliders to play with, this is what I do. Usually enough trial and error gets me somewhere, but now I have $100 USDC, $22 ETH – but I'm still stuck.

I have a pending transaction that seems to have already been submitted because I can't cancel it, and another queued transaction that I've tried resubmitting, but it just stays queued.

Transaction created with a value of 0 ETH at 13:26 on 4/29/2021.

Transaction submitted with gas fee of 0.005 ETH at 13:26 on 4/29/2021.

Transaction cancel attempted with gas fee of 0.002 ETH at 08:12 on 5/5/2021

At this point I'm just beyond irrationally frustrated, I've already spent way more than $100 worth of my time trying to resolve this. I honestly have nothing against Eth, I just want to figure this out and move out and part ways.

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