Opinions on the best raven coin miners.

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Opinions on the best raven coin miners.

So I’m still kinda new. Began using ethermine for ethereum and can get 61-62 MHs with overclocking my evga 3070 xc3. Didn’t really know what I was doing so I just copied some yt how too and got it rolling. Figured my overclocking (which has been the hardest part). It has been super stable. Only grabbing an incorrect once every 24. I then found a super easy to use app called unmineable all you do is plug in your wallet address choose your coin and Bob your uncle you’re mining but it will only get 51-54 MHs at the absolute most. Only 38-40 MHs with default settings And it’s super sketchy when overclocking it then will grab incorrects and stales all the time. So it sucks.

So I’m just looking for opinions if on the best miners for ravencoin. Thanks for reading!

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