How many times can one person possibly miss out on potentially life changing, amazing opportunities?

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How many times can one person possibly miss out on potentially life changing, amazing opportunities?

  1. I had tens of thousands of Doge from doing surveys, but converted them when Doge was still under a penny because I didn't think it had any future.

  2. I had a decent amount of ETC, but after learning that it was useless/dead coin I got rid of it. I think it was like $4 or $5 at the time.

  3. I bought Baidu (the Chinese Google) stock the day it IPOed for $80. A couple of weeks later it was at $60 and I sold my holdings. It then went to $1,000/share and split 10 for 1.

  4. My sister gave me a tip on ISRG (Intuitive Surgical) years ago, but at $100/share I thought it was overpriced. It now trades at around $800/share. I don't buy in.

  5. I distinctly remember the day that the iPod was announced. Apple's stock was around $20/share. I was so into MP3s at that point, though, that I thought "there's no way people are actually going to pay for music if they can get it for free". I didn't buy any shares.

  6. My sister gifted me a Netflix subscription back when they were still only doing DVD rentals by mail. I thought it was a neat idea, but couldn't foresee the transition to digital streaming of movies/TV shows. I passed on buying shares.

  7. I bought a bunch of AMD shares a few years back for an average price of about $4/share. Sold them all when it reached $12. It trades around $78 now.

  8. I used Amazon frequently back in college (2000-2004) to buy/sell textbooks and also buy various other things, as well. Thought that their service was great, but it never occurred to me that I should buy stock in them.

  9. Been a faithful eBay buyer and seller since 1998 (originally on my mom's account because I was too young). Loved the idea of the site since day one. Did I buy stock in them? No. Granted I was 16 when they IPOed, but I could have gotten in when I turned 18.

There are countless others, too.

I used to think I was smart, but at 39 now I'm keenly aware of how foolish/stupid I've been.

I'm not giving up, but reality has certainly take a bite out of my expectations

I do believe in the future of crypto, but I'm probably invested in all of the wrong coins.

Oh well.

Just felt like sharing.

Congrats if you made it this far!

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