Meme competition, Winner gets crypto!

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Meme competition, Winner gets crypto!

Hello everyone!

Before we begin, let's Celebrate these new ATHs!!

I love ETH but I think the gas fees are still a little high right now. I would like to hold a competition on a meme contest where the funniest (or most upvoted meme) wins a little bit of crypto.

Here are the rules:

  1. Has to be related to ETH gas frees and how they are generally too high compared to other chains. The more you exaggerate the funnier I believe.
  2. Has to be posted as a comment under this post.
  3. Has to have at least 30 meme submissions before a winner is decided.
  4. Has to have the most upvotes by May 15th

The winner gets 0.1 BNB! I would prefer to send you ETH instead but the fees are too high for that haha.

I know 0.1 BNB isn't much, but it's a lot for making a funny meme!

Goodluck, everyone! looking to Laugh from the communities creativity.

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