I Don’t Think it’s Just Plain Old Greed

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I Don’t Think it’s Just Plain Old Greed

I think the average Joe is tired. They’ve been told their businesses are closed by guys with tailored suits and $300 haircuts. They get charged $35 by the bank if they’re $0.25 short. They see the price of gas go up from more taxes and their suspension is shot from the potholes. They see their elected officials making six figures and taking another month of vacation. They see the angry old rich guy saying they don’t deserve it. They see their kids’ swing sets get padlocked at the local park. They see another billionaire claiming zero income. They see the price of housing skyrocket farther out of reach. They see another rich guy buy a judge for a lesser sentence. They see a constant barrage of ads for things they can’t afford. They avoid the hospitals for fear of bankruptcy. They pay for college for half their life. They live in third-world countries with little chance out. They wonder what kind of life their kids will have. They see the homeless dying of OD’s on the streets.

They’ve been taking to the streets all year. They’re pent up. They finally see a chance. They have a glimmer of hope, a way out of the mud. They see a lotto ticket with a real chance of payout. They don’t know the rules. They don’t know the consequences. They just want a taste. They just want a piece. They want to feel like they finally won one just this once. They’re begging and praying for it, please, just this once.

This is so much more than good and bad tokenomics. This is so much more than with or without utility. This is a reflection of the current state. This is a dream, a chance, their one big shot. This is an uprising.

I think there’s a real good chance a lot of them are gonna get burned and that’s sad. But there’s no stopping it now. I hope they get some. I hope they get to enjoy the taste of that dream. I hope they see the green and it lights a fire in them. I hope if they lose it, they get determined to go get it back. I’m rooting for the average Joe. I hope they get theirs.

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