Coinbase finally came through for me

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Coinbase finally came through for me

Earlier this year I made the rookie mistake of sending my Tether balance from Binance to my Ethereum address on Coinbase. Looking back I don’t know why I thought that would work but anyway…

So I opened a case with Binance, one with Coinbase and even one with Tether directly. The people at tether responded pretty quickly and were very friendly but unfortunately unable to do anything since it was out of their control. Coinbase got back to me about two weeks later but said “it would not be feasible” for them to help. My Binance case basically went ignored.

So now it’s 4 months later after the incident and I get an email from Coinbase advising they added my funds back to my tether balance.

Even though it took some time for them to rectify my bonehead mistake I’m grateful to them for coming through so thank you Coinbase!

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