Best DD ever- my mom rates the top 10 crypto by their logos

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Best DD ever- my mom rates the top 10 crypto by their logos

So I’ve introduced crypto to my mom by helping her making a Coinbase account and get the free rewards.

A few weeks later, she decided to invest in it but she only buy the coins with logos that she likes. I tried to explain to her that’s not really how it works but you know, moms can be pretty stubborn so I let her do her thing.

Here’s her rating of the top 10 coins based on their logo

1 – BTC

Pretty basic, she likes the orange color but it could be done by a 12yo on paint with windows 98.


2 – ETH

She really likes this one, pretty, original design and makes her think of diamonds.


3 – BNB

Looks like they tried to do a “futuristic” design but failed to do so, the yellowish brownish color used is not very pretty. It’s fine, but not great


4 – XRP

Pretty one, basic but efficient, curved lines of the “X” makes it elegant


5 – DOGE

Meh. Not pretty, same as bitcoin, looks like it was made by a kid on paint. The color looks like diarrhea


6 – USDT

The green color is pretty, the T seems like it’s doing hula hoops with the circle around it, very healthy!


7 – ADA

Original, looks like a star, she likes the design of it as it is a little bit different than every others


8 – DOT

Nothing original about it, basic P with a dot but it makes sense because of the name of it, it’s fine


9 – UNI

Pretty but a little bit childish in her opinion, too much details for a logo. A 10yo would buy it right away


10 – LTC

Again, basic paint logo made with windows 98, nothing original but the color used bumps up the rate a little bit


To resume her amazing DD, ETH is first, followed closely by ADA & XRP. Let me know if you want more of these amazing mom’s DD

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