Been trading since 2017 and barely made money

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Been trading since 2017 and barely made money

Well my title says it all. I bought Litecoin and now finally almost breaking even on that and I bought ETH and spent all that on worthless cryptokitties. I made some cash on BTC but nothing to brag about. Now I'm just randomly buying coins based on the name, price and loss/gain for the day. It's frustrating af. I wanted to get in on dot around the $8 price range but had trouble because I couldn't get my id properly verified. I suppose this is a bit of a rant post. Anyone on this sub have a theory on what the next dogecoin will be?

Edit: Should mention that I stopped trading after 2017 until recently. So I made money on BTC but took a hit with LTC and spent most of my ETH on cryptokitties.

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