My experience reading the Bitcoin white paper on different drugs

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My experience reading the Bitcoin white paper on different drugs

I made more money picking stocks when high than I ever did sober. I thought it would be a good idea to read the Bitcoin white paper while on different drugs. Obligatory note: this is for informational purposes, I don’t recommend you do drugs. Here’s my experience:

Weed, 0.4g indica dominant

Made me feel like I understood what I was reading. But really I was forgetting every sentence after starting the next. Terrible for comprehension and no value add. Might be better to have a conversation with someone about crypto rather than reading.

Alcohol, 4 drinks

I’m actually allergic to alcohol so I get really bad flush and I can hear my heartbeat. This was worse than weed – I didn’t even try to get past the first paragraph. I was just breathing heavily and staring at words.

LSD, 200 ug

I had to wait until AFTER the peak. Words fly around and would be impossible to read during the peak + thought loops – I didn’t want to be stuck thinking about blockchain for an hour thinking about blockchain for an hour. After the peak I started reading, the letters still wobble but it’s readable. I felt blockchain was the product of human greed – no need for blockchain if financial institutions were honest and not-for-profit instead of trying to profit off every damn fee. Would do LSD again when researching other stuff as it gives you a perspective you hadn’t thought about.

Adderall, 30mg

Definitely works as you might imagine. I had low tolerance since it had been a long time – actually took a little too much and ended up getting too euphoric. I had waves of pleasure hitting me as I tried to read. After that I was able to focus and read all the way through. Useful if you need to do research on a bunch of coins in a small timeframe.

Ketamine, 4 bumps

I did 1 line waited a few minutes and turned on those lofi coding playlists on YouTube. Music sounded too good. Took another line and started reading. Idk it felt like my brain was sort of jumbled and I didn’t care to read the white paper all that much. Did two more lines while enjoying the music. Ended up in a khole and obviously didn’t finish. But IT was cool, I “saw” the blockchain. Bad for reading.

Cocaine, all night

I kind of imagined it would be like adderall where I would get focused enough to read in the beginning. Ended up just doing the entire bag in one night and talking with my flat mate about financial freedom and how I would create the next coinbase / binance. Now that I’m sober, no I won’t lol

That’s it!

Tldr; adderall and lsd ranked best when reading the Bitcoin white paper

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