How to Buy r/cryptocurrency Moons

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How to Buy r/cryptocurrency Moons

MOONS are becoming easier to purchase. Makes you really proud of our growing community here that we have our own currency and is shared amongst the users of the sub.

I didn't see a thread before so figured I'd post for the new guys that are interested in obtaining some moons of their own.

Trade Nano / Banano for Moons –

Trade XLM for Moons –

Buy Moons on Honeyswap –

Of course you can earn Moons by being an active member in this sub, you will recieve a payout once per month based on your upvoted contributions.

If you hold your moons for the month without exchanging (this includes tipping) you will receive a 20% bonus on payday.

If you vote in this sub's monthly polls you'll earn an additional 5% moons on payday.

and there you have it, I hope this helps newcomers to become more familiar.

Let's keep this community growing and as forward thinking as it currently is! Big shouts to the Mods at the sub aswell.

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