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$SUPERN NOT A MEME COIN Supernova protocol.

I would like to share my favourite token. I’ve been around for 2 weeks. The team are very active and professional in their chat. They don’t peer pressure people to buy or make promote fomo. One of the most things I like is their consistency of effort. Tokenomics are great. They always have promotions going and are interactive with their community. I’d like to invite everyone that reads this to join even if you weren’t to invest. Familiarise yourself with how the group flows it’ll help in the future to be able to know how professional projects act. Supernova has taken every safety measure from audits, liquidity locking and so on. I must say the dev is very talented so is the marketing team. They have also planned another NFT contest in near future. I’d like to thank supernova protocol’s team for making me proud enough to write a life story about them. Good luck all!




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