Rvn mining rig problem (RX 580)

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Rvn mining rig problem (RX 580)

Rvn mining rig problem (RX 580)


Im kinda new to mining ravencoin, but about 2 weeks ago I bought 2 mining rig for this coin, but one rig has constant problems, that causes one GPU in 1 of the rigs to drop after what seems like kinda random time. The troubleshooting for me is hard, because I dont have physical access to the rigs. At first I thought it has something to do with OC settings, because after lowering it to basically stock values it worked for about 2 days before it had another error, but in the end it drops anyway. Another problem I have with the rig is that when I press shutdown and Boot in 30 seconds, the rig just wont start in Hive OS app, it just shows as offline and needs physical restart.After this restart the GPU start working for while again but not for long. Here are some pictures to show the problem. If someone had similar problem I would appreciate any help. Thank you




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