Hello! Thinking of starting mine Raven! Few questions!

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Hello! Thinking of starting mine Raven! Few questions!

Hello! Om currently mining etherum, and have before mine ravencoin.

I think ravencoin is going to go big in 2022, really belive that due to etherium going to PoS in 2022.

I dont ow much and are coming from severe drug addiction/homelessnes and trying rebuild my life in every aspect, i have a computer on the rehab I am on Good machine for being an a rehab doh, a 6 core inte proccesor with a a decent gpu (GTX 1660 6gb)

I want to build a cheap mining Rig (trying to save as much I can, while take a time to afford a rig) there I can after time connect a graphic card more when I have saved to that and one more after that and so on… What is your proposals for the computer parts? What DO you guys recommed for gpu that are good and will serve a purpose and will be capable of mining raven for a couple years forward?

After the halving of the block in 2022, what are the requierments for mining raven then?

Is it worth solo mining?

Thanks for replay!

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