Best moment to buy in the near future?

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Best moment to buy in the near future?

I'm planning to get into crypto and ETH seems the best option for me (not planning to sell at all and just here cause I think crypto will go up so I'm looking for a tech based coin).

A "Not so experienced me" put the money on DOGE so I'm waiting for a good moment to do the exchange. What target prize should I set for buying ETH?

I know in the long run it shouldn't matter that much but you know, if it's highly expected to be going down for some weeks and DOGE stays solid there's not a real reason to hurry.

Thanks in advance and you will probably read some more noob questions from me in this sub! ETH is pretty cool tbh.

EDIT: And btw I accept literally any advice anyone wants to offer in terms of beginning to buy in terms of platforms or staking or whatever. Any educational resource would be cool as fuck too!

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