The typical crypto Redditor

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The typical crypto Redditor

  1. Wants safety and transparency with their transactions without any regulations of some sort.
  2. Chases huge gains, but "Doge, stay!".
  3. Wants to move around loads of money without costs because "Blockchain no Bank" and because there are no node operators, validators, miners, etc.
  4. Wants crazy staking APY's because why not.
  5. Wants to be their own bank, loses the seed phrase, and blames the system.
  6. Is in for the technology.
  7. Is in for the technology (repeat).
  8. Is balls deep in crypto which roughly translates to 0.1% of net worth.
  9. Does less research on a coin they are going to throw their money at, than theory-crafting and choosing gear for their in-game character.
  10. Don't want repeated content because they think that everyone is 24/7 connected to the sub and because there is less competition for moons.
  11. "I don't always upvote and award meaningful posts, but when I do it is for the new ATH of my coins"
  12. Moons.
  13. "It's not shilling when I do it", credit u/Nox_Lucis
  14. Spends more than they can afford to lose, credit u/antonjg
  15. Falls for obvious scams without researching first, then says f#*k crypto, credit u/tatvam_asi
  16. "regurgitating sentences they heard", so true, credit u/-Rhymenocerous-
  17. "in for the long-term, sell at new ATH", credit u/The_Ghostronaut
  18. "Not your keys, not your coins" but leaves all coins in exchanges, credit u/rorowhat which is a lot on par with No 16.
  19. "Parabolic", credit u/repostssleuthbot
  20. Approximately 30% of my net worth is in Crypto. I'm 18, And I want to keep it that way, credit u/ashesofturquoise. Let me just do a quick math of how much my net worth was at that age. Maybe less than my current iPhone. Nope, way less.
  21. "Asking for lower prices mid pump and when a dip happens is too scared to actually buy ", credit u/TR5_
  22. "SEC bad, XRP bad", credit u/HeyitsmeKuangGM2. Battle of the BAD.
  23. "HODL and DCA", credit u/CoolCoolPapaOldSkool
  24. "Buys high, sells low", ouch, credit u/Rabbit071
  25. "All coins I don't hold are overvalued. Everything I own is undervalued", credit u/pinoygs]
  26. "Hates FB and RobinHood", credit u/mirza1h
  27. "Complains how shitty this sub has become and uses it daily", credit u/anon43850
  28. "Not financial advice", credit u/ec265 and u/Tram13. Not quite there yet like WSB but still.
  29. "Buys the dip, coin keeps on dipping. Sells the top, coin paints new ATH", credit u/Tecally

Did I miss anything else fundamental?

Edit: Keep em coming

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