Spinning up a node.

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Spinning up a node.

Hey everyone!

I've been doing a ton of research on crypto over the last few weeks / month. I'm on the fence a bit but I keep coming back to Raven and have invested some money as well as using my gaming rig to mine BTC and convert to Raven now that I spent my first mining proceeds on a ledger nano x.

Decided last night I was interested in spinning up a node. Took a look at the map over at https://www.ravennodes.com/ and noticed that there is SLIM pickings of nodes close to me on the western side of my country.

Using an older 2011 macbook pro with fresh linux mint installed. I tried once already and it got stuck processing blocks really low. So I started over. Made sure to addnode as many as I could close to me. The headers are still at 77% after 6 hours. I've only got 24 connections. Just wanted to see if anyone had some tips or tricks?

I plan on continuing to let it run and hopefully it finishes up sooner than later. I'm on a 300/300mbps fibre connection with unlimited bandwidth. The one downside is I only had a WD black 7200 drive, but plan to upgrade that to an ssd and maybe downsize to a raspberry pie for the node eventually.

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