Shitcoin names are getting out of hand

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Shitcoin names are getting out of hand

I was browsing coinmarketcap and searched for doge to see if it was below 0.1 again, and while I was disappointed to see it still hasn't, i found some other gems.

May I introduce you to:

DogeToken (DOGET)

DogeCash (DOGEC)

Dogefi (DOGEFI)

DogeSwap (DOGES)

DogeKiller (LEASH)

and the most hilarious one, beware of

Dogelon Mars (ELON)

Like, do those devs scammers even waste more than a few seconds for coming up with a name? First, safemoon, then elongate, and now dogelon mars? Really?

Maybe I'll yolo all my life savings for 3.82$ into ELON lol

Edit: thanks for the 10 karma. Assuming this is about 50 cents I will now be able to afford hot water for my ramen instead of eating the bricks uncooked

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