Reducing brave rewards is a dumb move

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Reducing brave rewards is a dumb move

This is not just speculation, but if you calculate the maximum amount of BAT you would get in a month using the new rewards system, you would max out at 3 BAT/month.

20 ads a day is the maximum number of ads a user gets on Brave, this is to demotivate usage of unethical means of obtaining and concentrating brave rewards.

Now, let us assume that you get 20 ads a day which is not the case for most users as 20 is the cap or maximum ads you might get but not a guaranteed number

20 ads times 0.001 BAT/ad as per the updated rewards system gives 20*0.001, or 0.02 BAT/day

For a whole month of 30 days on an average, 0.02 BAT/day * 30 days, or 0.6 BAT/month

This is not too big a deal for the users who have been using brave for a long time, but it does create problems in getting new users to switch to Brave.

Decreased incentive to 0.6 BAT which amounts to $0.666 as of this time. This is not enough for new users to sign up with Brave, as privacy and open source is not unique to Brave, but being rewarded for ads is.

I think there would be a huge reduction in new users signing up for Brave and leaving the browsers they have been using for years, all for 0.6 BAT

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