Does anyone else think wallets are still very confusing?

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Does anyone else think wallets are still very confusing?

At the moment I'm using a hardware wallet but it was quite a big learning curve for me. I work as a software developer so the concept of private keys isn't new to me but even with a technical background it took a lot of reading and research to figure out how everything works. Also copped the gas fees to make a small deposit from the exchange to the wallet and then reset the wallet with my seed phrase to make sure I didn't mess anything up before transferring the rest.

Even reading through a few threads in this sub and I see other people also get confused about how seed phrases and wallets work and I don't blame them. I also have a few friends who just got into crypto and don't want to take their coins out of centralised exchanges because they think it's still a lot safer and easier to deal with there.

IMO the user experience of wallets and safely storing coins can still be improved, but keen to hear what everyone else thinks too.

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