Nano Royale: Win NANO by staying alive

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Nano Royale: Win NANO by staying alive

Nano Royale: Win NANO by staying alive

Fellow crypto lovers,

I'd like to introduce a new way to win your favorite cryptocurrency. Nano Royale is a simple multiplayer game created by u/nano_royalty where the last player alive wins some sweet sweet NANO. Games last ~1 min and you do NOT need an account to play. Just head on over to It was pre-released a few days ago on the Nano subreddit, and a fair few of us (including myself) have gotten hooked on it.

Three variants are launched so far:

Nano Royale Faucet:

  • Free Entry
  • Small Prizes
  • 1 Nano Jackpot

Nano Royale Low + Mid-Stakes:

  • 0.01-0.10 NANO Entry
  • Win other player's NANO
  • Win up to 500x your stake (up to 50 Nano)

Once you've had a look, feel free to hop on to the Discord server to share your thoughts!


Pre-emptive FAQ:


Do I need to download anything? Can I play this on my phone?

No, and no. NR is a browser-based game, but at the moment does not support touch controls.


How are people chatting ingame?

Play in Chrome, and hold right mouse button. It'll convert your speech to in-game text.


Do I need a Nano wallet?

Not necessarily. The Nano Royale Faucet has no entry, it's only when you want to withdraw that you'll need a wallet. For the staked games, just grab your Natrium/Nault wallet!

This thing is OK, but I have an idea on how to make it waaaaaaay better.

Technically not a question, but we want to hear your thoughts. Hop into the Discord and help us make it as fun as possible!


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