Got some moons Enough to last a week.

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Got some moons Enough to last a week.

Got my first set of moons today. Really happy to recieve them wether they are at 0.88 or 0.44 doesn't matter. The thing which matter is I made enough, being from a third world country truely puts you into perspective as to how much moons can help you out.

As of now I have 100 moons and if converted to my currency it would amount to 650INR. That would be enough for anyone to get two times meal for a weak. And if I start making enough from shitposting. That is 15k×0.44 = 6600 Moons and if that converted that would be around roughly 42k INR.

It's almost DOUBLE the amount of an average middle class person salary here. Heck it would be double the amount of I make currently. Just wanted to share this good feeling of recieving some moons and put a perspective out there that how moons are helping.

Edit: Thank you guys for the overwhelming response. Didn't think I would get this much response. Once again thank you!

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