Learn from my errors: NEVER sell all your stack even if you reach your personal moon.

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Learn from my errors: NEVER sell all your stack even if you reach your personal moon.

Little story time:

I discovered Bitcoin at its infancy, in 2009, via Slashdot. At the time, I saw it as a funny stupid think (magic Internet coins!) and downloaded the wallet and, being the nerd I am, mined some blocks on my puny 2011 CPU at my parents computer. I actually mined A LOT of blocks, since I forgot I had the miner running. At 50 BTC per block, we are speaking about hundreds of Bitcoins, with no pool involved! Then, another day, I saw another Bitcoin article on Slashdot and one of the comments said he would buy Bitcoins. At the time, I didn't really think Bitcoin was going to be anything more than a funny experiment so, via Paypal, I sold all my coins to this guy (who I thought at the time must be stupid). This allowed me to pay for some small holiday with my girlfriend. I also stopped mining.

Had I kept 10% of my stack, I would be fucking rich today.

Jump forward to 2013 and I read about Bitcoin crazy volatility. Well, I said, where there is volatility there can be profit, so I started trading Bitcoins and doing some nice gains. At some point I stopped trading in bitcoin.de and kept around 500 BTC (most of them earned trough trading, I bought maybe 100 at an average buy price of a whooping 9 euros) for some time, but when they reached above 30 euros about a year later, I decided to sell them to get a nice new car.

Had I kept 10% of my stack, I would had a VERY comfortable financial independence today.

I went back to Bitcoin in 2017 and have been DCA'ing since them (both in Bitcoin and other coins I really like technologically like Ethereum, Monero and Nano). I sold a little of my stack in this bull run mostly to cover my investment in my latest three years and have a little personal reward for painfully HODLing trough the ice age, but I still keep most of my stack. This time my moon is clear and ambitious: financial independence and not having to sell my work to others, which I estimate I can reach, before taxes, with about one million euros. I'm very, very far away from that target but I have high hopes for the next post-halvenings so I continue slowly buying. Anyway, I learned from my errors and even if I reach that target I'm NOT selling everything again. Will kept 10% of whatever amount I have at least until some huge necessity required me to sell it.

TL;DR never sell all your stack, no matter if you think you have reached your personal moon.

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