Help with RX 560 + RX 550.

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Help with RX 560 + RX 550.

Hi guys, its me again.

So, i have this MSI 560 and i was mining with a 5.5 MH/s~7MH/s

So i made some trades and i make some money and get this RX 550 PCYes model and i get more 4~4.5 MH/s but my 560 now appears to get slowers hashrates..

Did is normal?

And this is my configurations, can i improve this ?

RX MSI 560 4gb –

+65 Pwr limit

1250 core clock

1750 memory clock

57 fan speed

temp – 63~67 celsius

RX PCYes 550 4gb –

+22 Pwr limit.

1250 core clock

1550 memory clock

fan speed 60%

temp – 56~65 Celsius

Sorry about my english and to use celsius degrees., i'm from brazil xd

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