Crypto Wallet – Trezor Model T

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Crypto Wallet – Trezor Model T

Hey! Apologies if this is the wrong subreddit but the crypto mentioned will be for ETH and perhaps a few others like BTC etc in the future. Apologies in advance if these are pretty dumb questions. We’re noobs.

My best friend has been buying crypto and sadly shes so far left it on the exchange as she’s looking for a hard wallet.

We’re wondering if it’s worth an iPhone user to buy the Trezor Model T or the Ledger Nano X? She does not really trust the Ledger due to the addresses etc being leaked and it being a closed source so is leaning towards the Trezor Model T.

She will HODL so she just needs something that’ll keep it safe (we’re both noobs so I can’t really advise her).

Is there a problem if the mobile support is for Android-only?

I found a few posts on reddit saying that they had problems using it on their Mac and people suggesting getting a new USB etc. It does make us think it’ll be easier to use the Ledger Nano X?

Also, just in case the same leaks happen with Trezor, she’s using her college address (where she stays currently) and not her home address as it will be a different address next year. She’s using a spam email and was wondering if it’s best to use paypal to purchase rather than a bank card that states her name etc? Although the problem with paypal is that it has her personal email address and I’m certain it states the address and name of the person on paypal. She’ll change the address if she can to her college address.

We just want to maximise security even though we know it’s unlikely someone will show up at her door, but having a list of addresses etc online for anyone to see just makes us feel uneasy.

For anyone that says to search up on google etc and do our own research, she has no WiFi and due to phone issues I can’t use a lot of my apps including google.

Thank you!

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