Crypto is the only reason I can buy a house

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Crypto is the only reason I can buy a house

Long story short: the housing market sucks everywhere, but particularly bad in my city. It's almost impossible to buy a house without a cash offer well over asking price.

We managed to find a place, get an offer accepted, but we had to sign an appraisal gap waiver to get our offer accepted. This means that if the house appraises for less than we offered, we have to cover the gap before closing.

I had already been planning to cash out some crypto to help cover these costs, but our appraisal came back very low and we owed a ton in appraisal gap costs. I'm going to have to cash out all of my crypto in the coming weeks to cover as much of the closing costs as I can.

While I'm happy to be getting a house, I'm kinda ambivalent about selling all my crypto. I keep weighing the opportunity costs of the crypto vs. those of the house. Crypto has made a lot of things possible for a lot of people, and I'm grateful to be one of them.

TL;DR: Come celebrate and/or mourn the end of an unbroken six-year HODL with me.

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