Why ravencoin?

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Why ravencoin?

1) transactions per block require 1 min, meaning it can do about 10 transactions more each 10 minutes (compared to BTC). I guess it will come to a point where ravencoin will be much more secure than BTC due to the potentially higher hashrate.

2) Burning RVN to create assets according to the new awareness protocol. Keep your assets secure on the blockchain.

BTC does not hold a candle to that.

3) At some point the difficulty of mining will be very high and mining won't be as profitable as now. However, people can sell their nfts and other assets to earn RVN while providing just enough hashrate to make the blockchain immuteable. (That is my point of view).

RVN can destroy BTC once people realize its true value.

The throne belongs to RVN.

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