Studentcoin, the worst shitcoin that’s still in ICO after 4 years.

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Studentcoin, the worst shitcoin that’s still in ICO after 4 years.

Studentcoin, the worst shitcoin that's still in ICO after 4 years.

''Student Coin is the first crypto platform that allows users to easily design, create, and manage personal, start-up, NFT, and DeFi tokens.'' This is what the site says in 2021. Thanks to the Wayback Machine that has logs from the site in 2020 we know what the aim was back then; ''The first academic token connecting universities, startups and investors''. So in one year they went from connecting academics & universities to a NFT/DeFi token platform, kinda sus if you ask me.


I remember this coin from the last bullrun due to the horrible shills spamming their referral code everywhere you could think of, even your ex you haven't spoken in years slid in your dm to tell you to use it. So this coin has been in ICO (aka collecting funds for god knows what they're doing) since the beginning of the last bullrun, where are they now? Well when they started with the ICO they had no idea, and had no working product at all. According to their roadmap it took them 3 years to figure that out (lmao) and somehow people still shill it.

what a beauty of progress in this time period.

This was the original roadmap, bit too ambitious?

Let's take a deeper dive at their roadmap, there has to be something exciting coming right? Somewhere this year they're finally offering some sort of product with the launch of tokens on their platform, this is expected near the end of this year. They will be finished somewhere in 2022. According to their old roadmap they should've been finished by now, but ICO money is free money right? YEAH but progress takes time! (autistic screeching). I guess so, but the project isn't run by 2 people who have no idea what they're doing, it's run by professional marketeers and a few people I hope they have knowledge from blockchain.

ICO lies.

These people lie so much they make Pinocchio jealous. ''Join the biggest ICO of 2021!", nah your team has been collecting funds for 4 years, nothing new about this project. According to them they've raised 42,994,249 USD in total, I can't verify it as this is the first time they brag about how much ICO money they got. They didn't mention their earnings on other logs I could find with the WayBack Machine. Will there ever be a product? maybe, maybe not. At this point there's a higher chance the SEC would like a talk due to the ongoing ICO than their launch this year.


If you like to lose money, go drop some in their ICO. If you like your friends, family and internet strangers to lose money too let them use your referral link. If you don't mind investing in a marketing company that follows the buzzword trends and accidentally also has a blockchain, be my guest.Personally I would avoid this project at all cost, overpromising and underdelivering while collecting millions in funds.

TL;DR: Shitcoin, don't invest if you like money.

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