My husband thinks crypto is the biggest scam after ponzi scheme

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My husband thinks crypto is the biggest scam after ponzi scheme

So I've been interested in crypto since quite some time, but me and my husband have our funds in a joint account.

Anywho, I decided to invest a small amount this month in crypto to test waters, see if it works out or not, etc.

And thanks to this amazing bull run, I am in about 15% profit. And so I was very excitedly telling him about what stable coins, alt coins etc I've invested in. And he with a straight face told me that, dear – crypto is the biggest scam after ponzi scheme. I wonder how you fell for it.

Now, me and him, we are both in pretty high up position in tech industry, with him having much more knowledge of how tech works, but he still thinks that this whole space is a scam.

So, I've taken up this challenge to be dedicated to crypto and atleast 2x this amount that I've invested, and then some more, just so that I can have the last laugh. Cuz I know I cant convince him to get to change his mind. lol

</end of story>

Edit- A lot of ppl suggesting me to leave him – lol I cant stop laughing. We both love each other way too much. He said that in a silly banter. Also, reading those comments made me think did I post in r/relationship or some other sub or what 😂

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