Boomers have Real Estate, millennials have BTC

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Boomers have Real Estate, millennials have BTC

I’ve been trying to enter the housing market – and it’s insane! 15 years of work and you can barely afford a home.

When boomers started investing in the RE market, it was a few years of work to get a house. They then bought a second investment property and rentals and the wealth ladder got easier to climb. Then came the restrictions- zoning restrictions based on height, neighborhood, nature reserves (which are pretty awesome), and foreign investments. They created a system that works for them, and is paid for by the new generation.

When we buy homes, they may increase in value, but they won’t see the meteoric rise that the last 40 to 50 years that most boomers received.

The game is changing. BTC is currently a couple of years worth of salary. And it will increase, with time. Just like the opportunity boomers had- we have a chance now to carve out our future.

BTC is the perfect asset- it’s understood by most millennials and not so much by boomers. It is the type of asset our generation is made for: easily transferable, independent on external system, and progressive.


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