Slowly but surely, the 2017/2018 trauma is disappearing

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Slowly but surely, the 2017/2018 trauma is disappearing

Those who got burned in 2017-2018 like myself have come into this bull cycle waiting for the inevitable crash and with EXTREME caution. Many of us came back in with such hesitation because we swore that if crypto ever recovers we will immediately cash out and be done with this whole thing.

Personally I just hoped that I will be able to make my money back and walk away.



We did not plan on getting back in and then some.

But it happened. And many of us did.

We sucked it up and despite not “buying when there’s blood in the streets” (easier said than done eh?) we started buying at ATHs and slowly got back to believing in crypto, like learning to walk again after a severe accident. Step by step, buy in by buy in.

At the same time the trauma was still there. Every small dip was “This is it!”, “Here we go again…” and “Had fun in crypto camp see you in 4 years”.

Starting to believe again is not an east feat.

Now after this has been going on for a while and the dips seem less intimidating, sideways trading has brought a newfound sense of… and I can’t believe I’m writing this – healing.

That feeling of dread is disappearing, and there’s a new sentiment of “Even when we eventually go down, it won’t be nearly as bad this time.”

Time will tell whether this ages well, but right now, let’s continue the journey.

Hodl on cryptobrothers, may your fees be low and your staking fruitful.

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