I’m excited to do the next bear market right

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I’m excited to do the next bear market right

I first got into crypto in late 2017 via the usual FOMO on-ramps. Purchased several different prominent coins and felt very stupid after the crash. I didn't sell anything, but did drop out of this sub and ignored crypto news until this bull market started.

My portfolio is definitely looking good now, but could have looked incredible had I never stopped DCA'ing into my coins. I just didn't have the education and confidence then to buy through the bear market. After seeing all the recent news and my portfolio return to the green during this bull run, I no longer have doubts about the long-term growth potential of crypto. I guess it took a full bull-bear-bull cycle for it to 'click' for me.

I'm not excited for a bear market, but I will not be making the same mistake twice. DCA'ing through crypto winter, whenever it decides to come around, will set up my positions incredibly well for the next bull. Anyone else have a similar realization this run and excited to "buy when there's blood in the streets"?

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