Money Doesn’t Buy Happiness

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Money Doesn’t Buy Happiness

… but buys a lot of coke, hookers and fast cars.

But does that make you happy?

A lot of people suffer from regret from not investing earlier. I got into crypto in 2012, when I bought 27 bitcoins for around 300 dollars (or something like that, can't quite remember it), and if only I'd held onto them for almost 9 years! But the reality is, I used them all in various online games, ponzi schemes and what not. So don't worry scammers, they are long gone.

Now imagine if I held onto those coins. Imagine if I had a fuckload of money. Would that have made me happy? In hindsight, no. Back then I was young, insecure, without many friends and without any love in my life. Now I have a girlfriend (soon to be wife) and two kids. If I had held onto those coins for god knows how long and if I had been rich enough to go onto another path in life, I wouldn't have met her. I wouldn't have gotten my beautiful children.

So friends, accept your fate in life and let that regret go away. Your time is now. Invest in your future.

Keep calm, DCA and carry on.

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