Ether the asset is not decentralized like the Ethereum network

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Ether the asset is not decentralized like the Ethereum network

tldr: centralized exchanges like Coinbase, Kraken, Binance, regulate the capacity for people to jump onto the Ethereum network by allowing people to send their Ether off their exchange. What could we do if the SEC rolled in and stopped all of these Centralized exchanges from allowing the everyday user to send their Ether out of the exchange?

For starters I’m a 🦍 who lives in the USA who’s obsessed with crypto and Ethereum the network in particular. So far I’m fascinated with Ethereum network but terrified of the on ramp to get onto the Ethereum network. As the tldr above states if for some reason the government banned the sending of crypto outside of centralized exchanges how would the everyday person secure their eth onto the Ethereum network? Furthermore is there any DEX in the making trying to solve this issue of government censorship for the Ethereum on ramp?

For example PayPal allows their everyday user to “purchase” Bitcoin, ether, and other crypto’s. On PayPal NOWHERE does it allow you to take the crypto out of their system and I’m fearful other centralized exchanges will follow the same pattern

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