To any relatively new people, and everyone else, really. Don’t get greedy.

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To any relatively new people, and everyone else, really. Don’t get greedy.

As someone, like many others, that kept seeing their portfolio grow exponentially in the last bull run, please, please, PLEASE, take some profits along the way.

At some point sooner or later there will be a drop in market value, likely across the board in terms of projects (hopefully not as drastically as 2018). You may see your awesome gains drop like a lead balloon, and if that happens you can take solace in the fact you've taken at least your initial investment back.

It's so easy to think that those gains will keep rolling in and you'll be able to pay off your car, mortgage or even never work again. This is only possible if you sell at some point.

In reality most of us aren't pro investors which makes it all the more likely we'll hang on longer than we should. Sell bit by bit if you can afford to. You may never time the top or the bottom perfectly and that's okay, don't beat yourself up about losing out on extra cash if you made a profit. It's much worse watching those 10x gains drop to negatives and knowing if you didn't get greedy you could've walked away with extra money in your bank account (that you could've reinvested to make even more!).

Anyway, much love to everyone in crypto regardless of the horse you're backing in this race – there will always be multiple winners, so be kind to each other and don't get too greedy, maybe a little is okay… But don't throw it all away!

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