“Skepticism Sunday” – 11/04/2021

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“Skepticism Sunday” – 11/04/2021

Following on from the positive feedback received here, here we have the second "Skepticism Sunday" post for Ravencoin. Hopefully it's useful to people…last week's seem to go okay.

This post is for critically discussing any concerns people have about Ravencoin and its future. The idea is to strengthen the project by alleviating concerns, identifying flaws and hopefully organising solutions to them.

Please refrain from discussing about price (unless relevant).

This idea is borrowed from the Monero community and you can view the original reasoning behind it in this post.

Why a weekly post for this?

This weekly post isn't meant to replace or dissuade people from making individual posts of their concerns about Ravencoin. Rather, there are plenty of small concerns/talking points that perhaps aren't discussed on the subreddit as people don't believe they warrant a standalone post. It seems a lot of this smaller questions are asked over on the Discord server but get eventually lost in the chat history; a weekly post is easier to archive and look back on as well as giving more people a chance to respond. Again, the intent is to ask difficult questions, identify potential problems and strengthen the project.


  • Post your concerns and thoughts below.
  • If you have an opinion about something that someone has written then please feel free to reply; you don't have to be an expert or a developer.
  • If possible, try to think of an upvote as "I think this is a valid point that needs to be discussed".
  • Lastly, keep it respectful!

If you have any suggestions to improve this initial post or improve the format then feel free to comment below or message me.

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