People are the great reset

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People are the great reset

RVN is a pseudo-altcoin. Its potential is far greater than that of BTC. It is necessary to understand this. Only then you can hype it to other projects. Many won't believe you when you say RVN is the next bitcoin. Let work and patience proof them wrong.

The greatest feature is not just the tokenization of assets but the fact that the block verification is reduced to 1 min. Much more miners can join us to bring the necessary hashpower to make our network very strong. This coin has the power to form an incredible community that shares the vision of Satoshi Nakamoto.

Haters can say what they want about BTC. They can claim that it is a Ponzi scheme. They can say it is old, obsolete etc.
But the impression BTC has left on people is far greater than what the haters could ever handle. This idea will live on. After we die, Ravens will leave a legacy to make this idea never die. It simply cannot vanish. And I don't care if they think that I am evangelizing. I have never been pro-slavery. It it much better to make everyone wealthy. No one has to live in poverty. Maybe I am on too much hopium – time will show. But I really wanna see brighter days. I am so tired of manipulation. I am so tired of filthy institutions doing what they want.
We do not need their great reset. We are the great reset.

What I am saying is: BTC won't die. It will improve and emerge again – carrying another name.

That alone is the hype. We gotta respect the man/group of people who shared his/their vision with us.

I swear they are one of the greatest geniuses.

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