[Developers] What are some good multi cryptocurrency wallet APIs?

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[Developers] What are some good multi cryptocurrency wallet APIs?

Are there any good wallets which offer APIs with the following features:

  1. Ability to generate addresses (along with the private keys)
  2. Transfer from 1 account to another
  3. View Balance
  4. View withdrawals and deposit history (these can viewed in a round about manner via chain analysis too…but it would be good to have these handy)

That's it. I mean the pretty basic functions and one should be able to do this for multiple cryptocurrencies, not just BTC and ETH etc. Maybe the top 25 on coinmarketcap.

I need to build an app which manages several accounts and need this kind of functionality to achieve it. Any suggestions? The main thing is that I should be able to generate multiple addresses for the same crypto programmatically. Even a paid API is okay, as long as this achieves the task.

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