Well since most people are too lazy do to their own research, I gathered some information about which wallets are the best for some coins. Hope it helps!

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Well since most people are too lazy do to their own research, I gathered some information about which wallets are the best for some coins. Hope it helps!

Why do you need a wallet tho?

Answer: Not your keys, not your coins. Let's get this party started then!

But please do your own research before deciding on anyone’s suggestions. Make sure you understand the risk involved. Proper storage of seed phrases is important.

1 – Bitcoin

Best Advanced Bitcoin Wallet= Bitcoin Core

Pros= Great privacy and security

Cons= UX is for more experienced users, takes ~week to sync and requires ~5GB minimum disk space if prunned


Best High Privacy Bitcoin Wallet = Wasabi

Pros= Best Privacy with Chaumian CoinJoin built in

Cons= Fees slightly higher and slower to send due to mixing


Best wallets for securing small amounts of BTC

electrum – For Desktop and Android

Pros= Great Desktop and Android wallet with advanced functionality like coin control

Cons= UX is not as polished as some other wallets


Samourai Wallet – For Android

Pros- Advanced Privacy features

Cons- UX suffers due to lack of Fiat value displayed


Éclair – LN wallet for Android and desktop

Pros- Lightning network integration(as well as onchain) allowing you to spend with LN merchants for instant confirmations and much lower fees

Cons- Lightning is still somewhat experimental , Some users may want to use other LN wallets. http://lightningnetworkstores.com/wallets


hodlwallet – IOS and android wallet

Pros- Much better UX than other wallets and slick look as it’s a fork of the original Bread wallet

Cons- lacks some privacy features found in electrum and samourai


Blockstream Green Wallet – IOS and android wallet

Pros- Great UX, easy hardware wallet and full node integration and advanced 2fa options

Cons- Until single signature is released 2 of 2 multisig means that one must depend upon blockstream’s server for tx signing. Other light wallets are dependent upon other servers as well but light wallets like electrum allow you to swap servers.


2 – Ethereum

Metamask – Web Wallet

Pros – It's ideal for Dapps, due to it being a web wallet.

Cons – Well for the same reason it's great for dapps, it's not that great for your security because you might get a keylogger on your browser and that's quite risky.


My Crypto – Desktop Wallet

Pros – It's more secure than metamask because it's a desktop wallet

Cons – Not that great interactions with Dapps, you gotta choose what you want tho.


Argent – Android and IOS wallet

The way to go if you want to defi


3 – Binance Coin

Fuck binance coin

7 – Cardano (ADA)

Daedalus – Desktop Wallet (There's a lot of Daedalus on mobile, all of them are fake. Don't fall for scams pls)

The "official" Cardano wallet. You have to download the full node before using it.


Yoroi – Desktop/Mobile Wallet

Yoroi is a light wallet for Cardano. There is no need to download the blockchain when you open the wallet. So you are ready to send and receive transactions right away.


16 – VeChain

Sync – Desktop Wallet

Pretty simple and safe. You have some limitations on this wallet tho. Such as not being able to easily send VTHO.


VeChainThor Wallet – Mobile Wallet

The definitive way to use VeChain. It has all the functionalities you need.


This post took more effort than what I thought it would, so I hope it wasn't wasted effort ahha and it helped you.

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