Ravencoin NFT – GUERILLA_TIMES/SILVER – First NFT that pays you !?!

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Ravencoin NFT – GUERILLA_TIMES/SILVER – First NFT that pays you !?!

Ravencoin NFT - GUERILLA_TIMES/SILVER - First NFT that pays you !?!


There's been an explosion of NFTs on the Ravencoin blockchain this past month even now including public auctions being done by the community on Friday's. Ravencoin is perfectly built for this so it's no coincidence this is happening.

One of the new NFTs caught my eye and I decided to take a further look in to it's origins. It's definitely an interesting concept but I'm not too sure it will get very much attention (I hope I am wrong though).

If you have not seen it yet, the links to the IPFS files uploaded to each of the assets are below.

https://ravencoin.asset-explorer.net/ search term GUERILLA

GUERILLA_TIMES QTY : 1x (max supply) Pretty good summary outlining the purpose and scope (more below)
GUERILLA_TIMES#SILVER QTY : 1x (max supply) Specific topic summary describing the new NFT
GUERILLA_TIMES/SILVER QTY : 10,837 (max supply) This is the new NFT making it's rounds (plenty available still)

The NFT is being given away freely to "on-chain participants" as stated in the first asset. Basically anyone who gets at least 5 RVN to their address has a random chance of getting one of the NFTs.What really got me interested is that when the NFTs are done being given away there will be a "reward lottery" (why not just call it a lottery?) at the end where they are giving away RVN.

Now that's my kind of NFT! One that PAYS ME rather than me paying for one!

Looking at the NFT again there is a Ravencoin address listed (bottom right) and the text in the unique asset also spells out this same address; RVyfK12R3tsxeSgQwzuSiLVErSTiTQNi9G. They seeded it with 2,793 RVN (currently valued at about $500 USD) to give away as part of the lottery and encourage others to donate to the address as well. That's a pretty neat way to get the message out and give people the opportunity to get a free lunch. Someone already donated another 1 RVN to the address so now it's up to 2,794 RVN (more to come?). I think I'll put 10 RVN to it as well in a bit just to see what happens with it.


Reading through the first primary asset in more detail (third pass now), the NFTs are being sent at a rate of 10 an hour over a total of 45 days (I think my math is right). Looking at the blockchain it's pretty darn close to exactly 10 every hour. I spot checked a few of the more recent addresses that received the NFT and those addresses definitely received some RVN in that past hour or so.

I guess I'll set my mining pool payout real low to try to get one of them. Digital hoarder here (self-confession) but a chance to get a payout by just owning this NFT is worth a look.

Anybody get one of these yet or have one for sale?

Someone smarter than me please help me figure out how much one of them should be valued at. I'd buy one at 50 RVN just to be a part of owning an interesting and different NFT. Simple math says there is like a 0.4% to 0.5% of getting some sort of payout on the lottery. That's about the same as scratchers as far as I am concerned.

Shout out to the r/Wallstreetsilver crowd too. Been a frequent over there since WSB went viral with the GameStop stuff. Those guys throw some serious cash around so it's not too surprising that they could hire someone for this NFT (just my thoughts on it no proof of that).

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