I sold it all

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I sold it all

I've come a really long way in my crypto journey and whilst there were plenty of ups and downs, this moment marks the start of a new chapter.

Like a lot of people – I got into crypto after realising my savings were better invested rather than sitting in a savings account with a laughable 0.5% interest. So in February 2018 I excitedly made my very first investment.

Unfortunately this enthusiasm was short lived as what I thought was a dip, the market just kept going down, and down and down…

Yet i persisted with my investing. I believed in crypto and believed the next ATH will surpass this one. So every couple of weeks I put 10% of my salary into various crypto and DCAed for the next 18 months, what ever the price of the market.

In August 2019 I was finally sitting on a healthy sum of money, and for the first time, my crypto assets were greater than what I had in my life savings account.

I was elated and sold some BTC to treat my family to a 2 week holiday in the Canaries. Whilst I was sunning myself next to the pool, it suddenly hit me – Why did I only invest 10%? I thought about it and if I stopped buying beer and fags (cigarettes to you Americans) I could have invested closer to 20%. So as soon as this holiday is over I'm going to stop drinking and smoking and DCA 20% straight into my chosen coins.

So that's what I did.

Not only was I investing more but I have never been healthier. Thanks to crypto I was living a significantly healthier lifestyle.

In the months ahead the crypto gains were coming week on week and everything kept doubling. I took this as a sign that I need to sacrifice more to invest. After all, I'm thinking of the future and only want to sell if I had life changing money.

The fastest way to life changing money is by investing more.

To my wife's displeasure I got rid of the cat and dog. £200 pet insurance and £150 on food was clearly better spent on crypto.

I didn't regret it one bit because the gains kept coming – even if Bear and Scruffy were no longer part of the family.

Weeks later whilst looking around the house for something else to sacrifice for more crypto spending, my wife approached my with tears in her eyes.

"Why did you have to get rid of our darlings? I loved them.."

And then it hit me.

I need to get rid of her too.

Months after leaving my wife my portfolio is now over 10 times my life savings and increasing at such a rate its pointless working my job.

I'm literally making x3 my salary in crypto gains almost every week what's the point working? If I need some extra cash I'll trade some bitcoin. Buy low, sell high – right?

So weeks later I'm sitting there looking at Binance

It's still going up.


Why didn't I sell the house?

Then it hit me.

I don't need a house.

I dont need a car,

I don't need any of these meaningless possessions as they're all either decreasing in value or not increasing as fast as my crypto portfolio.

All I need is water, subsistence my phone and shelter.

So I sold it all.

All apart from my phone, a solar charger, a water purification kit,100kg sack of lentils, a 100kg sack of mixed nuts and berries and a basic surgical kit.

So I found this cave with an unknown water source.

I worked out that if I stay here eating soaked lentils, nuts and berries for the next 2 years the crypto market cap should equal that of gold.

Only then will I cash out.

If it doesn't and I need more time I'm going to surgically remove my legs and one arm to decrease my bodies caloric needs.

This is not financial advice. I'm just bored in this cave and we haven't had an increase in a few days…

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