A Tale of Crypto, Blindness, and Marriage

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A Tale of Crypto, Blindness, and Marriage

Stocks and investments never interested my wife. She's legally blind and research is hard, tons of metrics and financials, etc. – so it has always been my hobby. She liked that I'd talk to her about it but participation was difficult. It never really grabbed her.

Then came crypto. There's so much education in the written format – her screen reader can teach her. There's so much (good and bad) on YouTube that she's able to find good info on specific technologies, coins/tokens, partnerships, etc. and learn. Annnnnnd now she's discovered that r/CryptoCurrency is very unlike many others – it has <gasp> actual, useful information. She's now having her screen reader go through posts.

She still relies on me for the tickers, wallet-y things, and purchases – but crypto has opened a new world for her – and for us. 22 years into our marriage we're having lively discussions about the future of crypto, what the future holds. Instead of grabbing a sandwich or something from amazon, I hear "what if we put more of this into <COIN> and staked it, what would that be in a year?"

I wanted to tell you that while, yes, crypto is about profit – there's much more happening. A mostly blind woman has had new doors opened for her, new interests. A marriage is even better because of a new, shared interest. We were by no means stale – but damn – it's fun to see her digging through whitepapers – via screenreader.

Noobs, take note that a blind lady can be bothered to read the learn to understand the whitepaper and use of the coin – you should too. 🙂

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