A Beginners Guide to Circlejerking

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A Beginners Guide to Circlejerking

Welcome to r/CryptoCurrency, before you begin, please read the following subreddit rules that will make you a successful member of the community. Here is the list of rules in no particular order

What we hate:

Facebook – Nobody likes facebook, right? We dont like their negligence of protecting users data. We also dont like the android half lizard half human that is the CEO of facebook. As a good member of this subreddit, you are obliged to make an anti facebook post once a week, and comment "fuck zuckerberg" on everyone post about facebook

Robinhood – How else would we know to avoid Robinhood if we didnt see 5 posts a day about how terrible they are? It is your duty to remind everyone, constantly that Robinhood is bad.

Memes – Our precious time cannot be wasted on looking at memes. Besides, if were posting memes then we arent positing about how much we hate facebook and robinhood

XRP, Ripple – We dont like XRP. Why? Who knows, who cares? All that you need to know is that XRP is bad and you tell everyone the same.

Clickbait Youtube thumbnails – We, the intellectuals of reddit are evolved beyond being tricked by bright colours and emojis. Our brains are so massive that we reject any clickbait attempt, chanting "It makes me NOT want to click on the video". Anyone who falls for clickbait has a small brain, and you know it.

Cryptocurrencies that we dont own – Do i really need to explain this one? Every dollar that doesnt go towards my coin is pretty much a dollar wasted. Make sure to tell everone who talks bad things about your coins that they are wrong, and only shill the coins that you hold bags of.

What we like:

Banks and Financial institutions – BULLISH !!!!!!!! Who cares about the reason crypto was invented in the first place, they buy our coins, our coins go up in value, we get rich!!!! Paypal is letting us trade pieces of paper that have a bitcoin symbol drawn on them with a sharpie? Thats what I call adoption baby.

Elon musk – We like this one when he tweets about bitcoin, but not when he tweets about doge, simple

Comparing gold to bitcoin – It doesnt matter that bitcoin uses a bunch of electricity to practically run useless computations as long as its better than gold. I mean gold has been fucking the planet for thousands of years, now is our turn.

Sob stories – Did crypto resurrect your dead dog? Did it cure your erectile disfunction and fix your marrigemarriage? Make sure to let us know

Meta posts – See a post you dont like, make a sarcastic meta post mocking that post. Did someone else already make the meta post? Make a post complaining about meta posts. The meta can always go a layer deeper

Please show that youve read this post by commenting how much you hate facebook and robinhood.

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