Mining – Eth vs Raven for your cards – easy pickings

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Mining – Eth vs Raven for your cards – easy pickings

I have not added every card ever, and a couple newer cards had guesses for the raven rates but shouldn't be far off. I have used basic rates, if you know you won the silicon lottery and get better speeds then just fine tune the numbers for the cards you have.

E: A quick note on 480/570/580 4gb vs 8gb, they are all the same card basically, all 4gb in the range will get the same speed, as will all 8gb versions so I only listed them as 580 4 and 8gb.

At the top of the spreadsheet is "Eth 1mh" and "RVN 1mh" this is the normalized output of 1mh of each algorithm, in cents. It is as accurate/up to date as you like, I updated earlier today so it won't be far out.

With this you can compare your card, and see if you would be better off mining Eth or straight to raven. As you will see however, 95% of cards are waaaay better off mining eth and then buying raven, by a factor of 2! Buying raven also supports the network just as much, if not more, than mining, because buying takes it out the hands of dumpers.

It makes me sad when I see people shorting themselves by so much stubbornly mining raven instead of buying it, especially when they present the falsehood "if raven goes up, I'll have made more!" which is .. false! Yes, your value of your stack would have gone up, but so did mine. So while I bought 200, and you mined 100, they both increased by the same %. If My stack was previously worth 100, yours 50, and raven double, mine is now 200 and yours 100. There is no situation where this ratio changes. It will ALWAYS be better to mine the main value coin for your card and exchange.

One day, I do believe, it will be worth mining straight raven for virtually all cards, but today is not that day. Don't rip yourself off. Do you, with your own research, but please don't rip yourself off!

If this has been helpful for you, great! If you feel generous then my raven address is REkhGpg3PnQzpwVnEGb8WcS7Mc74v4w6hT but my main goal was to see people do themselves the best they can with what they have.

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